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World Toilet Day 2020

On November 19th 2020, Simpleaf Brands was honored to participate and raise awareness in World Toilet Day. This day aims to bring awareness to 2.2 billion people around the world who don't have access to a toilet and its resulting health crises and how we can help. While in the past we've shared information regarding the why/how (check out 2018's blog for a refresher) around this UN Water day, this year we wanted to get into the who. Listed are three all too real accounts of fundamental parts of life negatively impacted by lack of functioning toilet.


Location: Central African Republic

Even in dire circumstances, our most basic needs are the same, and failure to meet them has health implications that can shorten and result in death.


Location: Western Uganda

Education and the chance for upward mobility is fundamental to improving the quality of lives of individual's and their home countries, making uninterrupted school time key.

Safety (trigger warning: Sexual Assault)

Location: Democratic Republic of Congo

Having to travel to use the restroom, especially in open defecation areas, results in an individual being more vulnerable and farther away from loved ones that can hear them and keep them safe.

As you can see

The implications behind not having immediate access to a proper toilet, defined as one above the ground with privacy and a functioning sink, are dire. Fortunately, for years Simpleaf Brands has partnered with ToiletTwinning to make an impact in communities exactly like these. That is why Simpleaf is proud to announce the beginning of a that we are in the works to be able to provide toilets for a community in DROC. We are so excited to begin directly improving hygiene and quality of life for individuals that can offer new life in so many different avenues. From increasing life expectancy to ensuring safety, we are beyond proud to contribute and offer a sincere thank you to all the customers who've made this possible, this is only the beginning.

To learn more about ToiletTwinning's mission and how you can contribute, check out these links below.

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