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Travel Wipes For Just About Everything!

Hygienic wipes can be a Traveler's best friend! our wipes have numerous uses that go beyond cleaning that cute baby’s bottom. Keep reading to learn the top uses for travel wipes to see the uses you’ve been missing out on.

Quick Cleanups

Life happens while on the go and you aren’t always going to have soap and water handy. Travel wipes
are the next best thing to have with you. Whether you ate something messy, have sticky hands, have
sweat dripping down your face, or you just need a quick wipe down, travel wipes can be a quick and
effective way to get clean.

Making the Public Toilet Seat Safe

Let’s face it, public toilet seats are downright frightening. If squatting just isn’t cutting it, use your travel
wipes to wipe the toilet seat down before you sit. Now you can comfortably use the bathroom without
the worry of contracting a disease!

Freshen Up Your Skin

If you get sweaty on hot days, it can be hard to feel ‘put together’ while out and about. Rather than
avoiding your next social situation, pull out your travel wipes. Clean off your face and even your armpits
to give yourself a refreshed feeling. If you want an extra boost of refreshment, stick your wipes in the
fridge or your cooler while on the go and you’ll have a chilled wipe to refresh yourself on hot days.

Clean Up Those Stains

We all spill – life happens! Rather than panicking about how you’ll get the stain out while you’re in the
middle of nowhere, pull out your travel wipes. They can get out just about any stain including pit stains
and makeup stains. You can use travel wipes on clothing, a car’s interior, tables, and even your child’s

Sanitize Tables at Restaurants

While we all want to believe that the restaurant staff did a good job of disinfecting the table before you
sat down, you can’t ever be too sure. Rather than taking the risk of exposing yourself to the previous
diner’s germs, give the table a quick wipe down. This will eliminate the germs as well as ensure that the
table is free from debris for you to be able to enjoy your meal.

Keep Your Nails Pretty

If you like to paint your own nails but don’t love the messy look that’s left after you’re done, bring out
the travel wipes. The wipes can eliminate any excess nail polish much easier than trying to maneuver
nail polish remover without ruining the polish on your other nails. As an added bonus, you can use the
wipes to clean your nails before you paint them, ensuring that you start with a clean surface.

Sanitize Your Keyboard

If you use your keyboard daily, you might be frightened at the number of germs that reside in it. While
cleaning off the crumbs and dust can help, that doesn’t eliminate the germs. After you shut your
computer down, thoroughly wipe the surface with travel wipes to eliminate the germs and sanitize your

Travel wipes are a great thing to have on hand, even when you fly! Baby wipes are TSA approved for
both your carryon bags and your checked bags. Don’t leave home without them!

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