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Spring Breakers: Don't Travel Without These Essential Products

Spring break is just around the corner, and with it, warm weather and sunshine. Are you an avid traveler that needs a packing list? It can be tricky to find a good balance between packing enough and packing way too much for a trip, but there are some essential products that can help make your trips both convenient and lightweight. A great spring break packing list is key to making any vacation a success, so let’s look at some of the products you should consider! Wet Wipes One of the first essential travel products to keep in mind are wet wipes. They’re compact and diverse, too, which means that you can use them in a number of different situations. They’re also light enough to carry with you on hikes as well as to hotel rooms, so you’ll have some on-hand at all times. One great option to consider are SIMPLEAF Flushable Wipes. These flushable wet wipes are convenient for your travel needs while also being perfect for everyday use. Each pack has 20 wipes and you can buy anywhere from one to five packs at a time, so they’re a great travel wipe for a variety of different vacation lengths. Common Medication Next on your spring break packing list should be medicine. You don’t want to end up stranded abroad without access to medication to help soothe your stomach or headache, after all, and there might not be a local equivalent depending upon your travel destination. Even if there is an equivalent, do you really want to search for it when you’re feeling awful? Most OTC medications are available in travel sizes that are smaller and easier to pack than their full-size counterparts, too, so fitting them into your luggage should be easy enough. Good Shoes Unless you’re traveling specifically to lounge about and have no plans of exploring, a pair of good shoes should be next on your spring break packing list just behind travel wipes and medication. You might be surprised at how much of a difference a pair of good shoes can make on your trip. In fact, they could be the difference between a day spent comfortably walking around and one spent in agony thanks to multitudes of blisters. You’ve waited too long to enjoy your vacation to end up down for the count thanks to subpar clothing, so do yourself a favor and pack some solid shoes. Plan ahead to make this spring break a great one! Take your destination into consideration when pinpointing additional essentials, but keep your own needs in mind, too. If you have prescription medication you’ll be taking, for example, do some research to make sure you can safely and legally bring it to your vacation location. Whether you’re packing travel wipes, medication, quality shoes, or anything in between, a solid travel list is important to the success and enjoyability of your trip. Give yourself the best possible chance to enjoy your spring break!

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