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A Guide to Trick or Treating Safely in 2020

A Guide to Safely TrickorTreating in 2020 

Whether you’re staying at home and passing out candy or taking the kids out for a few hours of trick-or-treating, Halloween in 2020 is sure to be different than previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do pretty much everything, including work, shopping, and going out to eat. 

Even though trick-or-treating largely takes place outdoors, there’s still concern among some parents as to whether it should even take place. If trick-or-treating does happen, there will likely be a few changes to the way it is conducted. 

Let’s take a look at how you can trick-or-treat responsibly in 2020, as well as some additional tips for keeping your kids clean and safe. 

TrickorTreat Responsibly! 

Make sure to plan ahead so you aren’t scrambling last minute to take the proper precautions. Get started by following these tips: 

  • Check with your local, city, and state authorities ahead of time. Make sure you know what is expected of trick-or-treaters to ensure you don’t ruin the fun for everyone. This also ensures you know what is planned for trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. 

  • Make sure your children wear masks (the protective kind) with their costumes. 

  • Avoid any Halloween gatherings or haunted houses that are indoors and full of people. 

  • If you are passing out candy, consider making treat bags or coming up with another way to hand out candy to avoid hand to hand contact. 

  • If your children are participating in trick-or-treating, consider wiping down their candy for extra safety. 

4 Reasons to Bring Wet Wipes with You 

In addition to masks and HAND SANITIZER, consider bringing wet wipes along for your trick-or-treat journey on Halloween. Lightweight and portable, a pack of wet wipes has a variety of uses: 

Use Them as a Disinfectant

Even if you avoid hand to hand contact for the duration of trick-or-treating, candy and other items are still changing hands. You probably already use wet wipes to wipe away visible grime, but they also disinfect. Taking a few extra minutes to ensure your children and all their candy are germ free will give you the extra peace of mind you need as you go from house to house. 

Easily Clean Sticky Hands and Faces 

Depending on the ages of your kids, stick hands, faces, and who knows what else are a very common sightThis is especially true when they’re opening and eating sugary and chocolatey pieces of candy all night. Don’t wait until you get home to deal with the problem. 

Instead, bring a pack of wet wipes with you to cut the problem off as soon as it starts! This is especially important while trick-or-treating during a pandemic. If your children are eating candy and touching their faces, there could be a lot worse than candy on their hands. Not to mention, cold and flu season is in full swing. Don’t take any chances, or your whole house could be feeling under the weather before the week ends.   

Clean Makeup, Fake Blood, and Other Cosmetics 

If your children opt for costumes that require makeup, fake blood, or some other sort of cosmetics, you’ll definitely want to keep some wet wipes on hand when trick-or-treating comes to an end.  

Wet wipes are a great option for a few reasons. For one, you can clean the makeup off wherever your child is instead of having to confine them to the bathroom or a sink to get it off. They’re also incredibly simple to use, so you can even trust your children to use them themselves. 

And even better, you can get wet wipes that are specifically DESIGNED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN to ensure your children don’t irritate their eyes or skin while cleaning their faces.  

Perfect for Surprise Diaper Changes 

Accidents happen, especially with little ones. If you still have a child in diapers, having some wet wipes on hand for trick-or-treating is a must. It’s smart to be prepared for anything that can be thrown your way, especially during this crazy year of 2020. 

Simpleaf understands how precious your children are. Our products are the definition of “high-quality,” and we are committed to designing products for your child’s sensitive skin.  

We carefully formulate our wipes and baby wipes to ensure no harmful or harsh ingredients are used. Plus, our wipes are hypoallergenic and contain soothing Aloe Vera and vitamin E. 

Make sure you’re prepared for Halloween by grabbing some of our wipes. SHOP NOW! 

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